Cordis Certified Healthy

Terms and Conditions

The first step of getting a project certified utilizing the Cordis Certified Healthy program and Cordis Health Score requires that it be registered. Registration of a project entails completion of the registration form and $2,500 USD payment. Once the registration form and fee are received the registrant is licensed to utilize the Cordis Certified Healthy and Cordis Health Score materials for a single project. Each project that is to be submitted for certification will need to be registered.

Cordis Certified Healthy is a set of criteria and scoring protocol intended to provide community and building residents, owners, tenants and guests with access to a series of planning and construction components, that if utilized by the users, may enhance their quality of life. The guidelines and criteria are intended to be a “tool kit” to guide decision making when attempting to create environments that make the healthy choice the easy choice for the users.

The Cordis Certified Healthy system and Cordis Health Score identify generally accepted best design practices and guidelines to assist communities, designers, developers, owners and operators to better understand how healthy lifestyle components can be integrated into their facilities. The scoring system provides a way to determine and measure success at integrating these healthy lifestyle components into a project. It is eventually up to the user to make their own decisions to utilize these healthy lifestyle assets as it is a voluntary option. There is no guarantee that visiting, working or living in a Cordis Certified Heathy community or building will positively impact a person’s or family’s health.

Payment of the registration fee is non-refundable once the registration package is emailed to the registrant. The registration package is copyrighted and is licensed to the registrant and is not to be redistributed by the registrant. Registering a project does not guarantee that the project will qualify to be certified. Prior to certification review the project requires that the application be completed, and a second fee based upon type of project (minimum of $12,500) be paid.