Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

We’re changing the way communities and buildings are designed, constructed, and operated. From site selection to operations and management, the Cordis Health Score informs and guides the creation of a healthy project. The Health Score is organized into four categories and utilizes over 300 criteria.

Cordis Health Scores Four Categories

context and community


site, building and interiors

operations and programing

Enhancing Value by Creating Healthy Buildings and Communities

Cordis Certified Healthy provides real benefits to the consumer while improving the project’s return on investment and long-term value.

  • Differentiate your project and community by integrating Cordis Healthy Place principles.
  • Increase the project’s desirability, resulting in increased absorption, retention rates, and revenue.
  • Benefit the enitlement process by changing the community narrative from increased density and traffic to creating a community catalytic project that will set the standard for community health.
  • Do the right thing by improving the health of communities and residents.
  • Retain the positive attributes of a project instead of losing them through the value engineering process.
  • Institutional investors and non-profits are committed and interested in becoming involved with healthy projects that can be quantified by an independent party.
make your project healthy

Find Out More About Cordis Certified Healthy

The Cordis Certified Healthy program works for existing buildings and communities as well as projects in the development phase. Discover how to create a healthy building or community by implementing the Cordis Certified Healthy program. Reach out to our team to discuss your project.

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