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Cordis Certified Healthy takes a holistic view of the factors impacting human health and assigns relative value to their importance.

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Inspiring Healthy Living Environments since 2013

Cordis Certified Healthy began in February of 2014, following the inaugural ULI conference on Building Healthy Places. A long-time client, Robert Holmes of Seattle, had attended the conference in Los Angles and contacted Chris Dunn immediately following its completion to share his excitement on this emerging trend. Robert suggested that Chris and the team at Dunn + Kiley undertake an analysis of the then current Bothell, Washington downtown master plan and integrate ULI’s “10 Principles” into a revised plan.

The process kicked off with an interpretation and further refinement of ULI’s “10 Principles” using planning and design terminology. Chris and his team then applied these expanded planning principles to the master plan. Upon its completion, Chris realized that quantifying these qualitative planning and design principles with a scoring system would allow development of a truly powerful planning standard. If a certification system was established, then communities and developers would be incentivized to integrate these standards into their projects which would positively impact the way our cities, campuses, neighborhoods, schools, offices, and homes are built.

A broader team assembled to create a rational and accessible set of Healthy Place criteria and a defensible scoring system. Early projects focused on testing and refining the criteria and scoring methodology. Working with progressive property owners and developers, the team gained valuable insight and created thorough templates for project analysis. This matured into Cordis Health Score System– a clear and concise method to evaluate and improve a project’s health score and communicate the benefits to the marketplace. Today, Cordis Certified Healthy is a 501(c)3 community non-profit recognized by the IRS.

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Expert Leadership at the Intersection of Health and Real Estate Development

Chris Dunn

CEO & Founding Board Member

Denis Beaudin

COO & Founding Board Member

Theresa (Susie) Martin

CFO & Founding Board Member

James Luo

Director of China Operations

Our team’s comprised of leaders in a variety of fields from health care, real estate, engineering, and land use planning to community development. We’re passionate, driven, and motivated by the common goal of creating healthier communities across the globe. With decades of experience and a suite of truly unique skills, our team’s perfectly positioned to start the healthy places revolution.

We partner with progressive communities, national and regional developers, and investors who recognize the value of creating healthy places.

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