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Cordis Certified Healthy is an independent certification program that provides a holistic view of the factors impacting human health and assigns relative value to their importance. Our program gives developers, regulators, and consumers a practical tool to guide decision-making and allocate resources.

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We Provide Developers, Owners and Communities With A Framework To Build Projects That Encourage and Enable Healthy Living Environments

Cordis Certified Healthy is a third party, criteria-based certification program focused on integrating healthy place components into buildings and communities. When considering heath based certification standards, Cordis Certified Healthy is the only independent review system that is complete, rational, and designed to fit into traditional project budgets. We’re a nonprofit whose mission is to incentivize capital partners, developers, and designers to produce healthy environments while enhancing value and changing the way communities and buildings are designed.

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Our Project Review and Certification Services


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Project Analysis

Once a project is registered with the Cordis Certified Healthy program, we will consult with you and deliver a full analysis of the design will be undertaken to identify the health components of the project. This includes analysis of the project’s location and its surrounding healthy assets, the safety components of the site and surroundings, and a full analysis of the building design and interiors, as well as the planned operational and active programming components of the completed project.



The Cordis Health Score has been developed to provide a roadmap for communities and developers to understand what a healthy project is comprised of; how to create a healthy project, and confirmation that a project has achieved these desired outcomes. We offer consultations with completed projects and projects under design to provide actionable recommendations on methods for improving their Cordis Health Score.


Review & Certification

Cordis Certified Healthy is the only third party certification system focused on the health of residents, tenants, and guests within buildings and communities. Cordis Certified Healthy provides clear answers to the following questions:

What is the definition of a healthy place? Who benefits from the creation of a healthy place? How does on create a healthy place? do you know if you have achieved success? What are the best methods to communicate this success to the consumer and others?

Expert Leadership at the Intersection of Health and Real Estate Development

Our team includes thought leaders in health care, real estate, engineering, land use planning, and community development. Our organization takes a leadership role in addressing development challenges and opportunities by defining and providing efficient methods to enhance public health within the designed environment. Each member has 25+ years experience and brings a unique skill sets to the company. Our team has a common passion and focus to change the way that communities and buildings are designed, built, and operated.

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Learn How You Can Create a Healthy Building or Community By Implementing the Cordis Certified Healthy Program

Cordis Certified Healthy integrates recognized beneficial healthy features to existing properties and those under design. We would love to discuss your project with you Ranging from site selection to on-going operations and management, the Cordis Health Score informs choices and provides direction on how to create a healthy project. The Health Score is organized into four categories and utilizes over 300 criteria.

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Cordis Health Scores Four Categories

context and community


site, building and interiors

operations and programing

Accolades for the Cordis Certified Healthy System

"Cordis Certified Healthy has taken on the task of developing the most comprehensive metric (and tool kit in many ways) for healthy community and building design. We offered Aria Denver as one of their test cases for the metric and we found it to be the most comprehensive approach to the issue.”

Susan Powers, President of Urban Ventures

“Certified Healthy is “the frosting to LEED.” This is what provides the “delight” to sustainability and is lacking in many of the sustainability criteria.”

Hunter Lovins, President and Founder Natural Capitalism Solutions, Co-Founder of Rocky Mountain Institute

"Certified Healthy takes a holistic view of the factors impacting human health and assigns relative value to their importance. It gives property owners, tenants, land use planers, and regulators a practical way to guide decision making and allocate resources.”

Jeff Hohensee, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Alliance for Sustainable Colorado

“Cordis Certified Healthy was an invaluable tool while we were designing the West Line Flats apartment complex by identifying healthy components that we could integrate into our design. During our value engineering process these elements, which not only encourage a healthy lifestyle but also add to the all-important quality of “delight” to the project, were much easier to retain when working with our equity partner than if we were not pursuing the Cordis Certified Healthy designation."

Jeff Temple, President Momentum and Developer of West Side Flats Apartments.

Healthy Place Resources

Cordis Certified Healthy is the go-to source for information, education, and assistance creating healthy places.

Healthy Place Resources

Cordis Certified Healthy is the go-to source for information, education, and assistance creating healthy places.

Changing the Way Communities and Buildings are Designed, Constructed, and Operated

Inspired by the Urban Land Institute’s Building Healthy Places Initiative, Cordis Certified Healthy built upon the “10 Principles of Building a Healthy Place” and the “Tool Kit for Building Healthy Places” by expanding upon best practices, developing an extensive set of criteria and creating a proprietary scoring protocol.

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